Producer & Mixing Engineer




Himself a musician for the most part of his life, Alexander Brusencev started recording local artists in his early twenties. He has worked with both national and international artists including Gloomball, Matthew Shell, Grammy® Nominees Arun Shenoy and Lonnie Park, Alexander Abreu's Havanna D'Primera and many more.

In 2015, Alexander produced V8 Wankers' 15th anniversary album "Harden the Fuck Up!". The album features renowned guest musicians such as Angry Anderson (Rose Tattoo), Schmier (Destruction)Peter van Alderen (Peter Pan Speedrock) and Gerre (Tankard).

Alexander's control room at at the Cream Studios Frankfurt is a hybrid mixing setup centered around Slate Media Technology's Raven MTX, Pro Tools, and a Focusrite RedNET system. The analog side features a Tascam ATR80 24 track 2" tape machine, vintage and modern outboard and Roll Music System's Folcrom: a 16 channel analog summing box. 

Alexander Brusencev is currently producing the debut album of YouTube Piano Sensation Viktoria Yermolyeva (aka Vkgoeswild).


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